How To Promote A Business With Stickers

Stickers are a low-cost, high-impact way to promote your business. If you only need a few, you can use your computer to create your stickers, which you can then print at home on readily available adhesive-backed paper. Alternatively, you should hire a printing business to get lower bulk prices. Stickers can be a cost-effective way to get the company’s name out there compared to other promotional materials like direct mailings and a fancy collection of brochures.

Stickers are an inexpensive and effective way to get the brand in front of new consumers and advertise in new markets. Stickers are a friendly and informal way to get your brand in front of new consumers by sharing them in fun environments.


The trick is to create a sticker that will appeal to your target audience. Simply listing the company’s name and phone number isn’t going to cut it. A better strategy is to develop a clever picture, witty pun, or humorous phrase that will catch the eye and convey your message. Use a single line of text in a legible font. Have the company’s logo on the sticker for instant recognition. If you’re stuck for ideas, go to a public parking lot. You’ll see a lot of examples of the kinds of stickers that your customers would like.

Promotional opportunities

A sticker promotion aims to raise your company’s profile by increasing exposure, so take advantage of any marketing opportunities that present themselves. Distribute free stickers to pedestrians and include them in each customer’s purchase pocket. If you go to a place where people congregate often, you’ll almost certainly find someone who will accept your gift. A county fair or street festival, for example, provides an opportunity to meet and talk with people about your business, and a free sticker can prompt them to look you up later.

Collaborative branding

Ask local businesses with whom you have a friendship if they would consider placing your sticker in a shop window or on a counter. Offer to hang yours in exchange. Companies can pool resources and collaborate to reach customers through co-branding opportunities like this. A bakery and its chocolate supplier, for example, will publicize their relationship and, ideally, refer new customers to each other.

Decals that stick to the wall

Some customers and associates may like the idea of a sticker but are hesitant to put it on their store windows or cars as a permanent decoration. Removable static-cling plastic decals may be a better choice in that situation. Static-cling decals, like conventional adhesive-backed stickers, can be printed at home. If you’re not sure which kind of decal paper to use, contact the manufacturer of your printer.

Factors to Consider

It would be best if you did not show stickers without permission. Many towns, for example, have laws prohibiting the posting of materials on public land. Also, make sure the stickers aren’t posted in bothersome places to prevent negative backlash. Children with a stack of stickers, for example, might enjoy decorating walls, sidewalks, or even other people’s vehicles. If you give out stickers without any discretion, you can end up receiving calls from enraged residents or companies.

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