6 Useful Tips for Wedding Invitation Card Printing

Making your own wedding invitation card? Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, here are several important aspects of your wedding invitation card designing and printing that you should consider so that you can achieve the best quality wedding invitation card for your special day.

1. Settle on a Wedding Style

Before you start designing your wedding invitation, it’s a lot better to decide on a wedding style first. With a confirmed wedding style or theme, you will then have to make the wedding invitation in the same theme or style so that everything matches. For example, if the theme that you’re going for is rustic, then you should consider choosing aged paper with scalloped edges. Or, another example is for a whimsical themed wedding that will have petal colored font with watercolor illustrations that are perfect for the style, you can ask for an inquiry for a free sample over here, https://www.kiasuprint.com/cheap-wedding-invitation-card-printing-in-singapore/

2. Choose a Color Scheme

After knowing what wedding style to go for, you should start thinking of what wedding invitation card that color that you want before you start designing and printing it. Picking a color scheme means that you have to be careful not to ruin the wedding invitation card’s readability. The color schemes must make sure that everything displayed on your wedding invitation card design can be seen and read easily with background colors and font colors that complement each other.

3. Be Creative With the Shape and Size

These days, you can print your wedding invitation card in any shape and size that you want. If you want your wedding invitation card to look more memorable, you should consider a uniquely shaped wedding invitation card such as with scalloped edges, trifold, or hexagonal shaped invitation card. Try out different sizes too, such as thin invitation card sized 4 x 9¼ inches.

4. Pay Attention to the Details

After you’ve done designing your wedding invitation card, you have to make sure that everything is perfect all the way to the details, especially regarding important information that needs to be known by the guests of your event, such as the dress code, venue’s name and address, the place of the gift registry, and if the wedding is for adults only.

5. Confirm Readability

Of course, the wedding invitation card that you design must be easily read by all of your guests without problems. Make sure that you don’t use fonts that are difficult to read. Before you print your wedding invitation card, try to ask the opinions of the people around you and confirm the readability of your wedding invitation card.

6. Proofread Before Printing

Make sure that your wedding invitation card has no mistakes and errors in the design; check for the smallest mistakes such as typos and extra spaces between the words.

7. Remember to Print Extra

Printing more wedding invitation cards than the number of guests is important, in case you have a last minute guest to invite.  Be careful not to print too many extras, though, because that will only cost you unnecessary expenditure for your wedding.

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